What do others say about TCMS?

Surekha Srinivas: Amazing school. Luck knocked our door twice. Both my children studied here. Great staff..Phenomenal teachers who thrive to bring the best in student and always tries to help for the all round development of their student. Couldn't ask for more. Grateful for the wonderful years my children had in here. Thank you Teachers each and every one of you. You made a huge difference in our kids lives.

Sharon Weston Patel: Amazing charter middle school, so lucky we heard about it and won their lottery! It's not easy to get in private style school without the extortionate cost - great choice if you have hard working students and want very little middle school drama with wonderful friends - it's was worth the drive on the I75 - teachers kept kids on track, lots of tests and quizzes but it helped overall - set them up for high school and IB!

Drew Griffin: Very impressed with the quality of the staff and curriculum. I can't imagine a better way to prepare for high school.

Hema Shah: Both of my boys went to TCMS. Great teachers, very clean facility, very good communication with parents and faculty ....overall excellent teachers! I would highly recommend TCMS.

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The thing I think about the most when I remember my time at TCMS, is that middle school definitely gave me my work ethic that I use every day. Coming into TCMS, I didn’t have the skills required to put in the work in order to succeed in school. My elementary school didn’t teach me that hard work pays off. TCMS changed that for me, which allowed me to excel academically in high school and college. The work that you do during your time at TCMS definitely will help you in high school and beyond. Aside from the work ethic that TCMS taught me, I also found something unexpected during my time in middle school. The Spanish teachers at TCMS opened my eyes to the world around me. Through learning Spanish, I was exposed to another culture that was different than my own. The Spanish program taught me to respect other cultures and to learn from them. The Spanish teachers really helped me in preparing for language classes in high school as well. While I didn’t end up continuing my Spanish studies after high school, I used the things I learned at TCMS to study Italian in college and move to Italy after graduating. I teach English to Italian students like you, and I hope to awaken that desire to explore other cultures in students like the Spanish teachers did for me at TCMS. You never know where you will end up after graduating middle school, but know that your time here at TCMS will help you succeed in places you have never even dreamed of!





TCS / TCMS (switched names when I was in 6th Grade) was one of the best experiences I could have asked for in a middle school / 5th grade. I loved the MOSI campus and always felt like the teachers put their students first. Being a member of the first graduating class from the new campus was also very special. Looking back, I know that TCS/TCMS helped ingrain the discipline to get school work, a job, or important tasks done efficiently and correctly. When I transitioned to Jesuit, I felt that things came much easier to us (TCMS alumni) as we had been better prepared that others we were in school with. From there, the University of Florida was the same way, and what I always come back to is that all it started at TCMS. I just want to say thank you to all the faculty and staff that went out of their way to help me grow both inside, and outside the classroom.



TCMS taught me to always strive for better. Most people tend to go to high school unprepared but TCMS makes sure every single student is ahead of the game. To the current students, do everything you can with the resources TCMS offers you. Try to get into the IB program, when in high school take those advanced placement classes, because EVERYTHING from TCMS on will affect your college career. Nothing is more important for setting up your future than being prepared. Plan, stay focused, and enjoy learning. The more you know, the better you will understand life and the easier it will be.









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