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You are team JEDI KNIGHTS

Jedi Master is a term of respect used by beings who respect the Jedi. Regarded as among the most recognized polymaths in the known galaxy. Upon completion of vocational or postgraduate education, a Jedi Knight becomes a Jedi Master after successfully training a Padawan learner to Knight status..



Expanded universe material states that when the Galactic Empire designs the Nebulon-B frigate to protect its convoys from Rebel Alliance X-wing fighters and Y-wings, the Rebels respond by constructing the B-wing. The Verpine, supervised by Ackbar, design and arm the fighter to engage capital ships.


You are team the Sith Lords
(Dark Side Teenagers)

Although you can sometimes use your power for your own gain, there is still GOOD IN YOU!

Sith Lord was a title conferred upon individuals who followed the Sith tradition. Sith Lords drew upon the dark side of the Force, using it to gain power. The title "Darth" was given to newly christened Sith in place of their old identities.



August 27th – August 31st – for any student who secures a sponsorship of at least $300 will be eligible to receive their Pick a side Dark or Light Ice Cream sundae at their designated lunch time on Friday, September 14th.


ewok challenge

September 10th to September 21st – for every student who brings in or has brought in at least $40 or more will receive Light Saber Pixie sticks the morning of Wednesday September 26th.



September 24th to October 5th – For every student who has destroyed the Tie Fighters with increments of $10 which totals $100 or has already donated $100 or more will receive a Storm Trooper Bag with Wookie Cookies and Yoda Soda on Wednesday, October 10th .


We are excited to present Team Tornado: A Star Wars Story. Team Tornado is our most important fundraiser of the year. This fundraiser is a vital part of making our school the TOP middle school in Hillsborough County. The funds from this fundraising campaign helps TCMS in multiple ways. The proceeds will go toward making improvements to our school, inside and out, as well as help with operational expenses.


Your Grade Level Admin will guide and train you as you strive to reach your goals. Look to them for ideas, support and to engage you into hyperdrive!

They see you as Padawans, or Jedi apprentices. I know you as trainees who are apprenticed to a Jedi Knight or Master. The FORCE is strong with you! When a Padawan's training is completed, s/he must pass the Trials to become a Jedi Knight. The power of the force is within you all. WE WILL OVERCOME THE DARK SIDE!

- Mrs. Diaz Sixth Grade GLA

The Rebel Alliance stands bravely against the evil of the Galactic Empire, never backing down despite overwhelming odds. The Rebel Alliance's starfighter corps is one of its greatest assets. Regardless of their backgrounds, Rebel pilots learned to work together, relying on their wingmen as well as their training in countless battles against the Empire. We will be TRIUMPHANT!

- Mr. Oswald Seventh Grade GLA

Individuals who use the dark side draw their power from more intense, raw and teenage mood-swing emotions. We have grown since we crossed over to 8th grade. Drawing upon the force's power are we who possess strong compassion. There is good in us and we will use our strength and compassion to forward the cause beyond expectaions. The Sith Lords will RULE THE STAR WARS!

- Ms. Peña Eighth Grade GLA