Exceptional Student Education


Ms. Christina Dausch, ESE Specialist

Ms. Shavonda Jones, ESE Teacher

The Exceptional Student Education Program at Terrace Community Middle School supervises, coordinates, and monitors school-wide ESE/ Gifted services and documents. This is done in compliance with federal, state, and TCMS board policies and procedures. We are assisted by the district with the identification, evaluation, and placement of eligible ESE students in the least restrictive environment. In addition, ESE services offer support and assistance to faculty, staff, students, and parents.

As a school of choice, TCMS and the ESE department provide services to ESE and gifted students that maximize their participation in our advanced and honors curriculum, offered in the general education classroom.

ESE and Gifted Services Offered at TCMS:

Gifted students with an Education Plan (EP), who demonstrate the need for an accelerated curriculum, have services provided through advanced/honors content courses taught within the regular education classroom setting. These courses are taught by teachers who have earned, or signed an intent to earn, gifted teacher endorsement. Instruction is fast paced, and differentiated, with enrichment through research, projects, Math League, Battle of the Books, and Forensics. See subject area curriculum guides for further information.

For ESE students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP), performing on grade level, monthly consultative services are offered. Consult services allow us to monitor skills maintenance and progress towards satisfactory mastery of student IEP goals. It also ensures proper monitoring of IEP instructional and testing accommodations implemented in the general education classroom. ESE and Regular education teachers conduct a monthly face-to face meeting to discuss student performance.

For students found eligible for an ESE program with an IEP who are performing below grade level, and require remediation in reading, math, or writing, weekly small group direct instruction in learning strategies is offered. Small group direct instruction is provided during student elective periods by ESE certified teachers. See ESE curriculum guide for further information.

Weekly Speech and Language therapy is provided by a privately contracted licensed speech pathologist. Therapy is provided during student elective periods.

IF YOUR CHILD HAS AN IEP, it is extremely important and highly encouraged, that you contact the ESE Specialist in order to discuss his or her individual ESE needs with the IEP team.



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