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Sra. Rocio Castillo


The English For Speakers of Other Languages program at the middle school level enrolls linguistically and culturally diverse secondary students, who require intensive structured English language instruction and orientation to a new cultural and academic environment. Students at TCMS are assessed on a state-mandated test of language proficiency and placed in an appropriate level of ESOL instruction level.

The goal of ELL/ESOL instruction is the development of language proficiency through speaking, listening, reading and writing English. Students develop competency in English, orally practicing correct English grammar as they express social and academic needs and in logically organizing and clearly expressing their ideas in written English. Students explore an understanding of the human experience from a multicultural perspective as they develop reading and writing skills.

Students read developmentally appropriate texts representing the genres of narration, poetry, drama and exposition. As students become more fluent with spoken and written English, they increase their familiarity with academic vocabulary and they learn to analyze text and develop critical reading and thinking skills. The development of these language skills and processes also help students prepare for local, state and national assessments.

English Language Learner is a student who:

  • Was not born in the U.S. and whose native language is other than English; or
  • Was born in the U.S. but who comes from a home in which a language other than English is most relied upon for communication; or
  • Is an American Indian or Alaskan Native and comes from a home in which a language other than English has had a significant impact on his or her level of English Language
  • Who as a result of the above, has sufficient difficulty speaking, reading, writing, or understanding the English language to deny him or her the opportunity to learn successfully in classrooms in which the language of instruction is English.




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