Welcome to 7th Grade

Town Hall Presentation

Mr. Dan Oswald
Seventh Grade Level Administrator

7th grade students take 4 core courses and 2 electives

2017-2018 Curriculum Guide

Summer Reading Assignment 7th Grade 2018-2019

Online Registration Link for 7th Grade 2018-2019

Welcome Packet 7th Grade 2018-2019

7th Grade Supply List 2018

7th Grade Instructional Materials List 2018

Florida Keys Trip (.pdf of powerpoint)


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Advanced Language Arts


Ms. Katie Heron

Mr. Peter Wengertsman, SAL

Advanced Mathematics


Mrs. Ashley Lee

Mrs. Sheila Neugebauer

Advanced Life Science


Mrs. Elizabeth Mila, SAL

Ms. Kim Avichouser


Civics! Social Studies

Burroughs' Syllabus

Yurhak's Syllabus

Mr. Rixie Burroughs

Mr. Nate Yurchak



Mrs. Diane Miller

PE & Health


Coach Robert Negron

Performing Arts

Ms. Chelsea Tortora

Introduction to Foreign Language (Spanish) Course

Mrs. Sheila Lezama



Mrs. Tracie Overdorff

Technology: Computer Applications in Business 2


Mrs. Karen McCartney

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